1.4 Lab Kit


Figure 1.6 The ECE361 electronics kit is a key part of this course

An electronics kit containing resistors, capacitors, light-emitting diodes, a small motor, various integrated circuits (IC’s) and the material and tools needed to assemble and test circuits using these components is a key part of the course on which this eBook is based. An electronics kit for this course has been developed and used during the years 2013 through 2021 by nearly 2,000 students. Everyone taking ECE-361 needs to purchase a kit; the purchasing instructions and list of components in the kit are given below:

Purchasing your kit from EurekaLeap.  Electronics kit supplier EurekaLeap has built a custom electronics kit for our course.  For Fall 2023, the cost of the kit is $89.88  and there is a flat-rate shipping fee of $15.97. The kit can be found at this link:   EurekaLeap ECE 361 kit product page.  The list price of the kit is $94.88, and EurekaLeap has a minimum order of $100. Important: use  coupon code: UMASSECE361 to save $5 and avoid the minimum order cost.

Lab kit. A list of all the components contained in the kit along with URLs for the product page and the data sheet for each part is given below. You will want to refer to the data sheets for the various components as you begin to work with them in the lab exercises assigned later in this book.

Power Supply/Voltage Sources: 

(8) AA batteries

AA battery product page

AA battery data sheet

(2) 4xAA Battery Holder with 6″ Wires

Battery holder product page

Battery holder data sheet

(1) 9V battery

9V battery data sheet

(1) 9V battery snap holder

9V battery snap holder product page

(1) Alligator Clip to USB Cable

Alligator clip to USB cable data


(20) 1/4 Watt 100 Ohm Resistor Carbon Film 5%

100 Ohm resistor product page

100 Ohm resistor data sheet

(20) 1/4 Watt 1 kOhm Resistor Carbon Film 5%

1kOhm resistor product page

1kOhm resistor data sheet

(20) 1/4 Watt 10 kOhm Resistor Carbon Film 5%

10kOhm resistor product page

10kOhm resistor data sheet

(2) 100kOhm potentiometer

100kOhm potentiometer product page

100kOhm potentiometer data sheet

(1) 1MOhm potentiometer

1MOhm potentiometer product page

1MOhm potentiometer data sheet

Test and assembly:

(1) digital multimeter

Digital Multimeter (DMM) product page

DMM data sheet

(2) 400-Point Solderless Breadboards 3.3″Lx2.1″W

Breadboard product page

Breadboard data sheet

(1) 65 piece male-to-male jumper wire set

Jumper wire product page

(1) set of 10 M/F Jumper Wires

M/F Jumper wire product page

(1) set of 3 alligator clip test leads 24 AWG.

Test lead product page

(1) pocket trim potentiometer adjustment tool

Potentiometer trimmer tool product page

Pot trimmer data sheet

Microcontroller chips (MCUS) and development supplies:

(1) ATmega328 Uno Development Board (Arduino Uno or compatible)

Arduino Uno compatible dev board product page

Dev board data sheet/manual

(1) USB-A Male to USB-B Male cable for Arduino board

USB cable product page

USB cable data sheet


(1) HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

Ultrasound sensor product page

Ultrasound sensor data sheet

(1) 90mW Cadmium Sulfide (CDS) Photocell (aka Photo Sensitive Resistor)

CdS photocell product page

CdS photocell data sheet

(“1) InfraRed LED

InfraRed LED product page

InfraRed LED data sheet

(1) InfraRed phototransistor

InfraRed phototransistor product page

InfraRed Phototransistor data sheet


(`1) DC Motor 3VDC 630 mA 6850 RPM

DC motor product page

DC motor data sheet

(10) LED Red 660 nm 2 pin T-1 3/4

Red LED product page

Red LED data sheet

(10) LED Green 565 nm 2 pin T-1 3/4

Green LED product page

Green LED data sheet

(1) 5mm Diffused RGB LED, 4-pin, Common Cathode

RGB LED product page

RGB LED data sheet

(1) Piezo Buzzer 5Vp-p 3 mA 4000 HZ 80 dB PC Pins

Piezo transducer product page

Piezo transducer data sheet

Electronic Devices:

(4) 2N3904 General Purpose NPN BJT Transistor

2N3904 NPN transistor product page

2N3904 NPN transistor data sheet

(2) TIP120 Darlington NPN Transistors

TIP120 NPN transistor product page

TIP120 NPN transistor data sheet

(3) LM358N Low Power Dual Operational Amplifier (Op Amp).

LM358N dual op amp product page

LM358 dual op amp data sheet

(1) Dual H Bridge DC Stepper Motor Controller Board

H bridge Data Sheet


(10) 10 uF 50 Volt Radial Capacitor

10 uF capacitor product page

10 uF capacitor data sheet

(10) Capacitor Ceramic Disk 0.1 uF 25V +- 20%

0.1 uF capacitor product page

0.1 uF capacitor data sheet




Important note: When you receive your kit, take an inventory of all the parts to be sure the kit is complete. If during the semester you find you need any additional or replacement parts, stop by Prof. McLaughlin’s office or email him to arrange for a replacement.







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