Spreadsheet Template

Brokk Toggerson

Given that this is one of the earlier labs, I want to help you setup your spreadsheet. As the labs go on, you will become more-and-more independent in this regard. This is only our second lab, however, so linked below is a spreadsheet template you can use. You cannot edit this particular spreadsheet (that would be a mess with so many of you!), but you can make a copy by going to “File → Make a Copy.” You will then be able to edit that copy.


A few things to note:

  • There is no column for the uncertainty in height as we are not thinking about that in this lab. We are assuming that the uncertainty in height is sufficiently small compared to the uncertainty in time to be negligible.
  • I have only setup one height. You are expected to do more than one as you will ultimately measure g by fitting a line.
  • I only have setup two drops for the height. You should add as many columns as you need based upon the number of drops you determined you should do based upon your data. Update the formulas in columns B and C accordingly.


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