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Brokk Toggerson

Now that we’ve thought about the challenges in the last lab, let’s think a little bit more about what we’re really going to be doing in this lab. The primary purpose of this lab is to think critically about what you did last time:  think about your result, and really dig down about how you can improve your procedure for dropping a ball to measure  \vec{g} . The goal is to do a better job, and then incorporate your new uncertainties into your fit. I suspect the first part, where you really think about your procedure and what you did and what you could do differently, is actually going to be the most challenging, and the most time consuming. Really spend the time on this and ask your TA for help. There are lots of things to think about: how you could be more systematic or effects that you could take into account. This is really the heart of science: thinking about what you did, what you might have missed, and how you could do it better. You’ll notice that that question is worth 15 points, a significant amount of the total lab, so spend the time and get some help. While it is OK if you don’t do better, I suspect you probably will. Good luck!


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