This textbook draws from many sources. We appreciate people putting so much great content on the web with a Creative Commons license for us to use and great YouTube videos we were able to embed. Of particular note are:

  • The OpenStax College Physics, Chemistry, and Biology 2e textbooks.
  • The University of Maryland, College Park NEXUS project did on their wikibook which was the source of many additional.
  • John Denker for his permission to use his articles on significant figures that follow.

Any errors  resulting from the modification of these materials is completely our own and should in no way reflect poorly on the great work of these teams and individuals.

This work would not have happened without the support of the UMass, Amherst Physics Department and the Open Education Initiative at the W.E.B. du Bois Library at UMass Amherst.

Final thanks are due to the UMass Amherst Physics Education Group: Heath Hatch, Paul Bourgeois, and Chris Ertl. Without you this book would just be a neat idea.


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