Unit IV Homework

This is a list of all the homework problems for Unit II. Links will take you to the relevant chapter.

  1. (Description – no points) The first few problems are math review.
  2. Solving systems of equations.
  3. Solving another system of equations.
  4. Solving a third system of  equations.
  5. Trigonometry practice.
  6. All the trig practice.
  7. The remaining problems are from your physics textbook.
  8. Resolving vectors into components.
  9. Thinking about breaking a force into components.
  10. Adding vectors by components.
  11. A bit more practice adding vectors by components.
  12. Convert from a diagram to a vector-arithmetic expression.
  13. Two ice skaters.
  14. Hitting a tennis ball.
  15. Elevator going up a shaft.
  16. Woman pushing a box across a floor.
  17. Matching forces with causes.
  18. Stretching springs.
  19. On what does viscosity depend?
  20. On what does drag depend?
  21. Importance of velocity.
  22. Mathematical representations for forces.
  23. What is the Reynolds Number?


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