List of Spreadsheet Functions Used in This Class

This is a list of spreadsheet functions commonly used in this class. This list is student-generated: if there is a function you have struggled with, or have run across one that you think would be useful, write it up in your metacognitive journal. If the quality is sufficient, we will add it to this list.

The functions are grouped by category. The categories are alphabetical and the entries within them are also alphabetical.

Note: The arg# are the arguments to the function, i.e. the inputs. They are numbered from 1 to however many the function requires. If there is more than one argument, each argument should be explicitly described in the definition.


  • radians(arg1) – This function will convert the argument, an angle in degrees, to the equivalent value in radians. This is important as all trigonometric functions in spreadsheets expect the angle to be in radians.



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