Tricia Jauquet (Indiana) #2



Cross stitch
Stitched and lettered by Tricia Jauquet / Cauldron pattern designed by Charlotte Alexander

“I’ve always joked that the work Technical Services Librarians do is what people figure magic elves do for the library. Even our own co-workers don’t really understand what we do. ‘Do your magic and fix the problem’.”


Tricia Jauquet is a technical services librarian at Purdue University Northwest in Northwest Indiana.

This cross stitch is of a witch’s cauldron. Above the cauldron is the word “U.M.M…‡?” stitched in orange with a scripted font. The double dagger has a double meaning here, to demonstrate some confusion on behalf of the asker, but also some insider knowledge among cataloging and metadata professionals. The double dagger is used in the OCLC Connexion client (cataloging software) to designate subfields in MARC fields. Below the cauldron, the phrase “Union Of Metadata Magicians” is stitched in the same orange script that is used above.


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