Bobby Bothmann (Minnesota)

651 $a Minnesota


Designed and stitched by Bobby Bothmann / Images adapted from

“In my work I provide detailed cataloging for resources on Minnesota, the name from the Dakota for Clear Blue Waters. I chose to create a map with the forests and prairies and include the major lakes and rivers. Major cities are represented by red French knots. Around the state, I adapted images of the Norway pine, common loon, and lady-slipper, the state’s tree, bird, and flower respectively (adapted from CC-BY images). Across the top, I have the MARC subject Minnesota in sky blue, with creator tags for the Dakota and Ojibwe peoples, and an audience tag for Minnesotans along the bottom in a variegated color to represent the true diversity in the state.”


Bobby Bothmann is the catalog and metadata librarian at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Bobby stitched an image of the state of Minnesota in the middle of the design, with images of the Norway pine, loon and lady slipper flower around it. The terms for Dakota, Ojibwe and Minnesotans are stitched around the edges of the state, with their appropriate MARC field tags and subfields. 651 $a Minnesota as the title of the piece references the MARC field and subfield for a geographic subject heading.


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