Amy B. Rachuba (Minnesota)

Shine Your Light


Designed and stitched by Amy B. Rachuba

“Without the attention to details in metadata creation and curation, we would have a chaotic library leaving everyone in the dark. In order to help make the connections, librarians work in the background by climbing up the mountains of metadata to provide the clearest path possible for researchers.”


Amy B. Rachuba is an electronic resources librarian in Minnesota, working at both St. Olaf College and Carleton College.

This embroidered piece shows a large stack of books with a woman kneeling on top of them. The woman holds a flashlight and is shining the beam down from the top of the stack of books. Part of the large stack of books is in the dark and part is in the light. Sitting in the middle of the beam of light, at the bottom of the stack of books is a person reading a book. Images of flowers float around the reading person. There is a postmark for Northfield, Minnesota, with the date November 2021 and the hashtag #sewmeta, which was used by some of the library stitchers on Instagram.


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