Sarah Tackett (Indiana)

This is More Work Than I Expected!


Cross stitch
Designed and stitched by Sarah Tackett

“I was thinking of all the unseen work it takes to get a resource into someone’s hands and the codes that are used to build it. I only show a couple of blocks: a MARC record and Dewey numbers, but there are many more.”


Sarah Tackett is a technical services librarian at the Jeffersonville Township Public Library in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

Sarah’s design features a full MARC record of the Unseen Labor exhibit. Above the MARC record is the list of Dewey Classification ranges and their accompanying subject categories. At the top of the piece is a row of books, with a cat sleeping at the end of it. The piece is reflective not just of the work of providing metadata for library resources, but also of the amount of work and unseen labor that went into stitching such a detailed MARC record for the exhibit.


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