Julie Renee Moore (California)

Do Not Agonize!


Cross stitch
Stitched by Julie Renee Moore / Designed by Purple Panzy XS, lettering by Ann Kardos & Julie Renee Moore

“This quote pays homage to Jay Weitz, OCLC senior consulting database specialist. Jay is a longtime member of Online Audiovisual Catalogers (OLAC) and host of the Cataloger’s Judgment question and answer standing column in the quarterly OLAC newsletter. His catch phrase, ‘Do not agonize,’ is well-known in OLAC circles, encouraging many catalogers who might have a funny format on their desk to catalog. The idea is that there may be conflicting instructions (or no instructions) to guide our cataloging decisions when it comes to these items. At times, we might feel stuck because the cataloging decision is so difficult. Jay encourages us to rely on our best cataloger’s judgment, choose the fork in the road and move on. Do not agonize!”


Julie Renee Moore is the special collections catalog librarian at California State University, Fresno.

This cross-stitch shows a shelf of colorful books and knickknacks. The phrase “DO NOT AGONIZE” is written on the shelves, attributed to long-time member of OLAC, Jay Weitz from OCLC.


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