Ruth Elder (Alabama) & Ann Kardos (Massachusetts) #2

What’s in Your Catalog?


Cross stitch
Stitched by Ruth Elder / Collaboratively designed by Ann Kardos & Ruth Elder

Ruth: “This piece shows why it is critical that the people ‘behind the scenes’ input accurate information in the catalog.”

Ann: “When bad information, records or data go into the catalog, it essentially means that the catalog is full of garbage. The resources inside are lost and patrons can’t find them!”


Ruth Elder is a cataloger at Troy University in Troy, Alabama. This cross stitch is of a silver trash can with the words “Put Garbage In the Catalog? Get Garbage Out!!!” stitched in purple. There are three black dead fish skeletons as a divider. Below are the words “0 SEARCH RESULTS” stitched in green.

Ruth contacted Ann with an interest in the Unseen Labor project but was unable to design a piece within the timeframe. Ruth offered to help in other ways or to stitch other people’s patterns. Ann told Ruth that she had a number of simple ideas, but no way to stitch everything herself. Ann scanned and emailed out some rudimentary patterns, and Ruth turned those patterns into something beautiful.


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