Bobby Bothmann (Minnesota) #2

I Werk $2 homoit Up!


Embroidery and beadwork
Designed and stitched by Bobby Bothmann

“This piece uses the logo for Homosaurus, an LGBTQI vocabulary that provides better access for queer topics than the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH). In MARC metadata, the $2 defines the source of a vocabulary and uses a code, and here I use homoit, so this play on words reflects my cataloging work for this marginalized community. I chose the Gilbert font┬ábecause it is specifically LGBT-created with the intent of being used for headlines and protest signs.”


Bobby Bothmann is the catalog and metadata librarian at Minnesota State University, Mankato. This piece was his first ever embroidery project!

The embroidery depicts the logo for the Homosaurus linked data vocabulary. The words “I werk $2 homoit up!” are above the Homosaurus. Subfield 2 on MARC subject fields denotes the source thesaurus used for a term. Metadata professionals using terms from the Homosaurus would apply a MARC field 650 in this way:

650 _0 $a Subject term. $2 homoit


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