Benvenut* a volume 2 di Tutt* a tavola!

This book, much like volume 1, was both a labor of love and a team effort in every sense. In particular, we are so grateful to our co-collaborators for their contributions to this project: Marco Lobascio for creating the workbook and lab manual that supports the material covered in the text and for authoring the incredibly engaging cultural notes in the chapters; Melanie Griffith for the wonderful graphics and illustrations; and Hannali Meyer for the extremely valuable technical assistance on Blackboard for our courses this semester. Both volumes 1 and 2 have benefitted immeasurably from their contributions. We are also indebted to our colleagues in the Italian Studies department at the University of Massachusetts for their support of this project.

This book has all of the same features as the first volume: an opening song for each chapter (Ascoltiamo!); vocabulary and grammar sections; exercises based on a film clip (Guardiamo!); and more in-depth explorations of cultural topics (Punto culturale). It also introduces a new section, Leggiamo!, in which we begin reading short literary texts in Italian.

We are so happy to have you, either as a new or returning student, around our tavola!


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