Summer 2012: Summary of plays seen

20 May 2012:  The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess. Richard Rodgers Theatre, New York. The ART Cambridge production, with Audra McDonald as Bess. The afternoon we saw it, Audra McDonald had just been replaced by Alicia Hall Moran.

New Century Theatre summer season, performing in Theatre 14, Smith College: Annie Baker, Circle Mirror Transformation; Jack Neary, Auld Lang Syne; John Logan, Red; and Jane Anderson, The Quality of Life. The first two titles were disappointing, the other two had much to recommend them. A disappointing audience, which makes Theatre 14 look almost cavernous.

8 July 2012, matinee: Shakespeare, King Lear. Shakespeare & Company, Lenox, Massachusetts.

5 August 2012, matinee: Shakespeare, The Tempest. Shakespeare & Company, Lenox, Massachusetts. Olympia Dukakis as “Prospera”. An interesting experiment, worth making.


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