6 May 2007: Bizet, The Pearl Fishers

Opera Boston, at the Cutler Majestic Theatre. Gil Rose, music director. James Marvel, stage director

Somehow I did not write up this first experience of Bizet’s opera for two weeks, and most of the details have evaporated; but the loveliness and splendor of the music remains. Despite the blandness of the plot, a to-the-death friendship of an older and younger man that goes sour on account of a deferred love affair, and the lack of a soubrette role to contrast with the romantic heroine, the drama sustains itself well enough to support some wonderful singing opportunities, perhaps most especially the Act I duet of baritone and tenor, Zurga and Nadir.

In French with English supertitles, another relative shoestring production by Opera Boston, but with some unusually effective lighting simulating pearl fishers at their dangerous work beneath the sea, and some wonderful aerial feats.


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