Part 3: Tools and Resources for New Beekeepers

This section of the text contains practical guides and resources for beekeepers such as: 

  1.  A Hive Inspection Sheet
  2.  A Hive Inspection Journal
  3.  A guide to creating an Apiary Action Plan, or a plan for starting and maintaining an apiary based on the principles of Holistic Management
  4. Wintering Honey Bees
  5. End of Year Beekeeping Evaluation
  6. A beekeeper’s calendar for the year that you can integrate into your Google Calendar
  7. A resource list for new and beginning beekeepers
  8. A guide to Graft Free Queen Rearing for intermediate beekeepers

These practical tools are meant to support your beekeeping journey, and empower you to find, adapt or create the tools that work best for your practice. I use these tools in my own teaching and want you to have access to them too. Use these tools as you see fit, adapt them for your needs or use them to co-create new tools with your collaborators. Beekeeping is a practice best done in community so we can share ideas, resources and skills. Like all practices, we improve when we engage with the practice. We improve when we engage mindfully, plan our actions, reflect on what worked and try new strategies based on our learning. These tools invite you to do just that.


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