Course Portfolio: Culminating Writer’s Statement

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Our reflection-based unit – also known as the Course Portfolio – is designed to enable you to understand, analyze, and write about your own growth as a writer during ENGLWRIT 112: College Writing. By critically reflecting on your own work from the course units, this project will help you demonstrate an awareness of yourself as a writer, and the processes that made your writing journeys possible – both coming into and leaving this class. The unit highlights your recognition of rhetorical choices, as well as motivations for the choices you use in this class.

Unit Goals

  • Gain confidence about college writing skills and strategies.
  • Analyze your composing process and strategies over time and in a variety of rhetorical situations.
  • Identify composing strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Articulate which writing strategies you will apply beyond this course.

This unit is presented first, because as you look back upon the semester through your writing, including past reflection pieces, sometimes you are often able to see for yourself the distance you have traveled and the milestones you have achieved. The Culminating Writer’s Statement then is a weaving together of some of these key moments of College Writing in a single fabric that conveys the significance of each individual journey. Beginning to think about this reflection as you begin your journey through ENGLWRIT112 can help you keep track and reflect as you work on projects – rather than waiting to just the end.

In order for you to narrate your story as effectively as possible, the Culminating Writer’s Statement offers greater creative freedom to experiment with form, style, and audience. As a result, the compilation of pieces in this section is a medley of stories, styles, and voices. What brings each of the pieces together is an evocative expression of the challenges, struggles, victories, and lessons of College Writing. We hope engaging with these pieces is as inspiring for you as it was for us!


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