Benvenut* a Torniamo a tavola! Volume 2. This book represents a continuation and expansion of what you studied in Torniamo a tavola! Volume 1. Like Volume 1, this book is meant to service as a grammatical reference and guide, rather than as a traditional textbook, as the primary goal of this course is to improve your speaking, listening, writing, reading and intercultural abilities and knowledge. There are four (4) units (Unità), comprised of different grammatical structures (Strutture) and vocabulary (Vocabolario) related to the theme of the unit. The vocabulary list in particular is intended as a starting off point – you are encouraged to keep and maintain your own vocabulary lists throughout the semester, using whatever platform you prefer (Quizlet, Anki, good old fashioned paper flashcards).  Some of the grammatical structures will be a review of topics you have studied in the past, with attention to forms and usage not covered at the elementary level, while others will be new. At the end of the explanation of each structure, there is a practice exercise (Una prova) that is auto-graded, with multiple attempts possible, so you can check your work and gauge your progress.

This text is just one resource for your study of Italian this semester. Other materials, including grammar tutorials, are available on the Canvas site for the course, and our class meetings will provide additional information, explanations, and, most importantly, conversation!

Bentornat* a tavola – ora mangiamo!


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