Deans, Faculty of Economics, 1933-1953

April 1933-March 1936 Hijikata Seibi
April 1936-March 1937 Kawai Eijirō
April 1937-March 1938 Hijikata Seibi
April 1938-February 1939 Maide Chōgorō
February 1939-February 1940 President Hiraga Yuzuru (acting)
March 1940-February 1944 Mori Sōsaburō
March 1944-September 1945 Hashizume Akio
September 1945-September 1948 Maide Chōgorō
October 1948- September 1949 Yanaihara Tadao
October 1949-September 1950 Arisawa Hiromi
October 1950-September 1951 Yamada Seitarō
October 1951-September 1952 Wakimura Yoshitarō
October 1952-September 1953 Ōkōchi Kazuo


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