Useful Phrases

Frasi utiliĀ  Useful phrases
Allora… So…
Andiamo a pagina ____. Turn to page _____.
Aprite il libro. Open your book.
Come? Huh?
Come si dice __________? How do you say _________________?
Come si pronuncia _________________? How do you pronounce _______________________ ?
Cosa significa __________? What does ____________ mean?
Dimmi tutto! Tell me about it.
Ero assente ieri. I was absent yesterday.
Grazie! Thank you!
Ho una domanda. I have a question.
Non capisco I don’t understand.
Non lo so. / Boh! I don’t know. / I dunno.
Per favore. Please.
Prego. / Di niente. You’re welcome. / It was nothing.
Ripetete. Repeat.
Tocca a me? Is it my turn?
Torno subito. I’ll be right back.
Quali sono i compiti? What is the homework?
Un attimo. Hold on one second.


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